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Reggie Clemons could be the next Troy Davis.



In 1991, two young women went missing after visiting the abandoned Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis Missouri — a popular hang-out with local teens — with their cousin. The cousin told the police an impossible tale: that the girls had been pushed from the bridge, but he was ordered to jump by an unknown assailant and survived the nearly 80-foot fall into strong currents with no injuries and dry hair. The police were naturally skeptical of his account and, within hours, he confessed to killing the girls.

Yet this man, who is white, has never spent a day in jail. Instead, the police arrested four local youths who were also on the bridge that night. Three of the young men, all African-American, received the death sentence. The fourth young man, who is white, received a 30-year sentence and will be eligible for parole soon.

Reggie Clemons is one of the youths that received the death sentence, even though prosecutors conceded that Reggie neither pushed the women nor planned their deaths. The prosecutor simply theorized that Reggie was an “accomplice” even though there is no physical evidence linking Reggie to the crime for which he received the death penalty: no fingerprints, no DNA, no hair or fiber samples.

Many of Reggie’s claims have never been heard in a court of law because of procedural rules that have barred the presentation of important evidence. After reviewing the evidence, two federal judges voted to overturn his death sentence and found that Reggie was denied a fair trial. But Reggie’s sentence of death remains.

So many people were up in arms yesterday…now that Troy Davis is gone, will you continue to fight or were you just hype for the moment?

Click the link to head to and learn more about Reggie’s case, sign the petition—do something. We have lots more time to act.

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THAT'S SO MAJESTIC: I am not Troy Davis.


On the one hand I think it’s interesting and hopeful that white people (because POC don’t need another lesson) are personally identifying with the horrific injustice of Mr. Davis’ case, and that they are mobilizing. That they are recognizing how racially unequal the justice…

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[Updated at 7:43 p.m.] After a brief moment of jubilation upon hearing that the execution hasn’t yet happened, Davis’ supporters who have gathered outside the grounds of the prison where he is being held are regrouping and talking about what might be next, CNN’s Emma Lacey-Bordeaux reports. “Troy Davis can never die” is a common theme.

The state of Georgia isn’t proceeding with the execution until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on Davis’ request for a stay. Davis’ attorneys filed the request about an hour before Davis’ scheduled 7 p.m. execution.

Davis’ supporters, who had been chanting, are now letting out cheers as drivers pass and honk their horns. Otherwise, the mood is tense as they wait for a development, Lacey Bordeaux reports.

The reprieve can last up to a week while the SCOTUS makes their decision.

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live from outside the prison where troy davis is being held awaiting execution

he’s not yet been executed but has also NOT BEEN GRANTED A STAY. they are waiting on word from the supreme court.

please watch live instead of counting on reblogs and tweets

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Supreme Court of the United States has granted a reprieve — not a stay, but a delay.

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Troy Davis is scheduled to die now

The Georgia Supreme Court has denied Troy Davis’ appeal. The Supreme Court of the United States has not yet made their decision.

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call the US Supreme court NOW 202-479-3000 TTY:202-479-3472

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[Updated at 5:41 p.m.] The Georgia Supreme Court says it has unanimously denied a stay of execution for Troy Davis.

The court also denied his request for another appeal to be heard.

His attorneys will now ask the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the execution Davis’ last hope, CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

"The United States Supreme Court has a procedure in place. They know when executions are coming; they are expecting an application, so I expect this will be acted on fairly quickly. … It’s unlikely that a stay will be granted, but that possibility exists, and that’s Troy Davis’ only hope," Toobin said.