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BioShock Infinite - Lutece Twins Cosplay

by tazpire | Burial at Sea Elizabeth

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a hand-lettering exercise that got really out of hand. oh well i like  my really unnecessarily grandiose welcome signs anyway :p

Oh no, these are amazing holy shit
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AH, FUCK YES, I finally tracked down a shot of that Steadman sketch of Hunter S. Thompson as a horse.
These are the best shapes ever crafted by a human hand.


AH, FUCK YES, I finally tracked down a shot of that Steadman sketch of Hunter S. Thompson as a horse.

These are the best shapes ever crafted by a human hand.

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The vorpal blade build


Now that this arduous project is finished, I’m putting together a build guide for those of you that hadn’t been following it on facebook ( to have it all in one place for organization sake. The original start of this project was a request from the winner of a contest I held back in November.

I started by gathering references and drafting a pattern in photoshop because I don’t know illustrator. :Pimage

(Its not the prettiest but it got the job done)

After drafting the pattern I began by cutting the blade shape and handle out of a piece of 2mm SIntra and 2 pieces of .040 polystyrene.image
(Bird not included)

The detailing gave me some difficulty until I invested in a heat knife that uses razor blade heads. Using a school glue stick, I glued the patterns over the styrene and slowly cut them out.The fragile nature of how small the detailing would be made many of the sections fragile, so I had to go slow and carefully. image

(the orange lines were indicators for where I would not cut to keep a piece from being completely islanded until after it was glued to the main knife.)

Once both pieces has been cut, I sanded the back sides to reduce the melted plastic build up and super glued them to the main piece. Then once attached sanded the top sides carefully to remove the build up from the heat knife. Over several days I would use small files and exacto knives, putty and sand paper to clean up the detailing until I had a finished piece I liked. image

(this is one of the earlier clean up pics)

I ended up cutting the handle shape off to make it an insertable blade. Making the blade and handle separate for easier casting. Once the blade was cleaned up and primered, I moved on to the handle. I lathed a separate piece for the top of the handle out of layered sintra. I vacuum formed this piece on top using .060 polystyrene to create a cap to make the lettering engravings. Cutting the patterns out with the precision heat knife and sanding and cleaning up before gluing.image
I didn’t really think to take pictures of this process…

The handle was made using layed sintra and apoxie sculpt. I glued the outer layer pieces over the original handle piece I had attached to the blade to create a hollow slot for it. The I layered up for proper bulk and sanded it clean. Filling imperfections it with bondo as necessary. I went for a clean undetailed handle first before adding any of the trim. After drawing the patterns on the blade I added thin strips of apoxie scult for the detailing. image
(or as everyone has been dubbing it, tribal didlo)

Once applied and fully dried, I sanded it to create a more flush, flat and even patterning, then cleaned it up using an exacto knife, bits of sand paper and mini files. I also went back and filled any parts necessary with more apoxie scult or bits of super glaze.

(I fitted a casted blade into the master for reference)

After I finished primering the handle and doing final clean up, I created box molds for the blade and the handle. (technically I built the blade box 

while finishing the handle) The molds were made using #smooth-on’s mold max 20.




The molds were relative successes with virtually no errors. So then I started casting. image


I did some paint testing until I found a color scheme I liked…image


Once I decided on the paints I put one of the blades into the handle and adhered it by filling the space in the handle and the blade with more polyurethane resin. The gaps were filled and painted up proper and a bloody stain on the blade was added for good measure. image


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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for cephalopodvictorious !!

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Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)


(Source: tinkeperi)

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Tarot TPoH! Available as a triptych or as individual designs (without obnoxious white text acting as watermark) over on my society6! I’ll try and make the triple design into a rug tomorrow when I have time -never done that before- and maybe some phone cases too!

The Fool

The Magician

The High Priestess

All three

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Being Jon Snow and knowing nothing, I have no idea what this fabulous cosplay is, only that I LOVED it and the gal rocking it was very gracious. I’d love to send her copies of the photos. 

Photo by AS aka Wren in 2014 and it belongs to me. For more go to I don’t know the models, but I’d love to add credits. 

this is me and these are really nice pics thanks jon bro

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More centaurs. Smaller photoset this time because wrist pains. Ridiculous giraffe-taur, dignified drafthorse-taur, and return of the handsome llama, now with sheep ladyfriend. …He’s basically the centaur equivalent of Jessica Rabbit.

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“My Peggy Sue-ooh-ooh, ooh-ah-ooh-ah-ooh-ooh”

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Let me tell you a thing as to why Buddy Holly was so got-damn awesome and crucially important to popular music:

  • In an industry that considered at the time (and, arguably, still prefers) performing and songwriting to be two entirely different ventures, Buddy was one of the first mainstream stars to write and perform all his own stuff, and only seldom did he do covers
  • He introduced multi-tracking and overdubbing to rock & roll music, which the Beach Boys and Beatles later ran with
  • He smashed the whole archetype of having to have magazine-ready good looks and made it okay for the “everyman” to be a rock star 
  • He formed the Crickets, and thus set in stone the “two guitars, bass and drums” combo that would become the standard rock & roll band format
  • He was too ambitious for the “rockabilly” style that was made famous by Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, and soon started messing with the arrangements; one song has knee-slapping for percussion and a celesta doing the melody, and a couple of other songs have an orchestra behind him for Chrissakes
  • He was essentially a professional musician for 18 months and he still changed the way rock & roll music was approached

Basically music is just a little bit more awesome because Buddy Holly happened