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Silver phase Red-Tailed Green Ratsnake (Gonyosoma oxycephalum)


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lmao you guys are weirdos. sorry for the bad quality, but meet some of the family

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Some gifs I made!  Gonna be uploading the video these are from soon!!  This is Beanbag, my tokay gecko, and he is a total sweetie!!

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Lialis burtonis: secretly a gecko

Burton’s legless lizard, otherwise known as “the most Australian lizard of all time,” is basically a gecko that’s turned into a snake.  This basically means that it can shout at you and has tiny little flap-scale feet.

Above: What passes for its legs.  It only gets two, because Australia.

Pygopods are a clump of geckos that have kind of given up on having feet, with genus Lialis in particular having evolved into something much closer to snakes.  Most pygopods are rather on the shy side, a bit small, and specialize in eating the same sort of insect and small vertebrate that normal geckos go after.  Lialis burtonis and Lialis jicari, on the other hand, go after skinks up to like half their own size…

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This is Pretzel’s face whenever I turn up unexpectedly.